how to store value returned by a business service in a variable in spring web flow?


<strong>Situation :</strong> I am developing a spring mvc web flow app , in that i have two tables customer and customerAdress and two corresponding models : customerModel and customerAdressModel , now following is my flow.xml :

<var name="customer" class="com.model.Customer"/> <var name="customerAdress" class="com.model.CustomerAdress"/> <var name="id"> <view-state id="customer" view="customerView.jsp" model="customer"> <transition on="next" to="customerAdress"/> </view-state> <view-state id="customerAdress" view="customerAdressView.jsp" model="customerAdress"> <transition on="next" to="insertCustomer"/> </view-state> <action-state id="insertCustomer"> <evaluate expression="Buisness.insertCustomer(customer)"/> <evaluate expression="Buisness.fetchCustomerId(customer)" result="id"/> <evaluate expression="Buisness.insertCustomerAdress(id,cutomerAdress)"/> </action-state>

Now insertCustomer inserts customer , fetchCustomerId fetches customer's id and insertCusotomerAdress inserts adresses of customer by id

<strong>Problem :</strong> My problem is this code is not working , specifically insertCustomerAdress is not working , i think i have done some mistake in decalring id or assigning buisness service's value to id , can somebody please tell me proper syntax ?


By default action state executes only first action. To execute a chain of actions use <a href="http://docs.spring.io/spring-webflow/docs/2.4.2.RELEASE/reference/html/actions.html#named-actions" rel="nofollow">Named actions</a>.

<action-state id="insertCustomer"> <evaluate expression="Buisness.insertCustomer(customer)"> <attribute name="name" value="insertCustomer" /> </evaluate> <evaluate expression="Buisness.fetchCustomerId(customer)" result="id"> <attribute name="name" value="fetchCustomerId" /> </evaluate> <evaluate expression="Buisness.insertCustomerAdress(id,cutomerAdress)"> <attribute name="name" value="insertCustomerAdress" /> </evaluate> <transition on="insertCustomerAdress.success" to="[state id to transit]" /> </action-state>


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