Which field define if the Order is in A-book or in B-book


I'm building a FIX acceptor and in when i process a new order i want to act to different depends if the order is in A-Book or in B-Book. I can't understand qhich field may give me this information. I was thinking about HandlIndt (21) but i'm not quite sure. Anyway i would like to get a better explanation on each value of HandlInst..


<a href="http://www.fixtradingcommunity.org/FIXimate/FIXimate3.0/" rel="nofollow">Fiximate</a> is your friend for all these sorts of questions.


There is nothing to do with standard FIX itself. You should refer to your's counterparty FIX specification. If you can share ECN name, I can try to point you to the right direction.


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