Reporting tool for Nunit 3 and Selenium C#


I'm using Selenium with C# to create my automated tests. Now i have to use some sort of reporting tools to save the test cases whether they passed,failed...etc.


I've seen a lot of tools like Allure, and Jenkins. But they require an XML file. and i can't find it when i run my tests using Visual 2013. Why is that ?


<strong>how to obtain these XML files in details if i'm missing something</strong> ?

Is there any way i could achieve this with minimum effort ?

<strong>EDIT:</strong> How can i run my tests using Nunit console runner ? where can i find it? i downloaded the .zip for nunit but i couldn't find the runner?


The NUnit Visual Studio Adapter does not currently produce XML results, although there is an <a href="https://github.com/nunit/nunit3-vs-adapter/issues/215" rel="nofollow">issue on GitHub</a> to add the ability. Your best bet is to run your tests using the NUnit Console runner when you want to create reports. It always produces an XML result file.

You can install the NUnit Console by adding the <a href="https://www.nuget.org/packages/NUnit.Console/" rel="nofollow">NUnit.Console</a> NuGet package to your test project. The console will be in a directory like packages\NUnit.ConsoleRunner.3.4.0\tools in your solution root.

Another option is to install the <a href="https://github.com/nunit/nunit/releases" rel="nofollow">MSI for the console runner</a>. It will then be under C:\Program Files (x86)\NUnit.org\nunit-console

For creating reports, <a href="http://reportunit.relevantcodes.com/" rel="nofollow">ReportUnit</a> creates excellent HTML reports from your test results.

To run the tests, I would recommend setting up a simple command line build that builds your solution, runs the tests and then produces the report. For day to day development, just running your tests in Visual Studio or on the command line will likely be enough. Most developers find the Visual Studio Test Explorer Window to be a poor UI, but usable for seeing passed and failed tests and running/debugging them.

If you want to setup a command line build, one good tool is <a href="http://cakebuild.net/" rel="nofollow">Cake Build</a>. It will take a bit of time to setup, but it is an excellent way to run your build tasks as your project gets larger.


NUnit testing can be run with the nunit-console.exe application which is installed with nunit under {Project_root}/lib/nunit/nunit-console.exe. It downloads with NuGet when NUnit installs.

It can be passed a list of testing binaries, or testing project files, or an nunit project (listing multiple if needed).

{PathToProject}\lib\nunit\nunit-console.exe {PathToTestDll}\Project1.Tests.dll {PathToTestDll}\Project2.Tests.dll /xml=nunit-result.xml

or create an NUnit Project with the <a href="https://github.com/nunit/nunit-project-editor" rel="nofollow">NUnit Project Editor</a> if you want to group all your test projects into a single config file.

{PathToProject}\lib\nunit\nunit-console.exe {PathToNUnitProject}\Project.Tests.nunit /xml=nunit-result.xml


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