creating graph from text file where axis X is date with millisecond precision and Y is value


I have text file like that:

10:00:15:956 0,0155260005803643 10:00:21:968 0,0155280030632315 10:00:21:968 0,0155270018379389 10:00:21:968 0,0155260006126463 10:00:22:069 0,0155239981620611 10:00:22:090 0,0155249993873537

First column is time with millisecond precision and second column is value. I need to draw graph where axis X is time and axis Y is value.

<ul><li>What function should I use to read file? dlmread, textscan, importdata?</li> <li>How to force matlab to recognize "time"? I can write time at any needed format (10:00:22:090 or or anything else), but I need matlab to understand and process time labels correctly. For example difference between 10:00:22:090 and 10:00:23:090 is one second and exactly that interval should be use between these labels on axis X. I want to see "time" on axis X and I do not want to convert time to some "unreadable" int values or something like that (number of milliseconds elapsed from 10.00.00 for example.)</li> </ul>


You can have it in seconds and use datatics in plots. Note I have a quick fix to deal with comma in the second column. Probably you do not need it.

f = fopen('foo.txt'); data = textscan(f, '%f:%f:%f:%f %f,%f'); fclose(f); % hh:min:sec:millisec secvec = [60*60 60 1 1e-3]; x = [data{1:4}] * secvec'; flvec = [1 1e-16]; y = [data{5:6}] * flvec'; xindays = x / (24*60*60); plot(xindays, y, 'x'); datetick('x', 'HH:MM:SS');


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