Javascript/JQuery Textbox Values Calculations


I was trying to make a simple computation out of these textboxes. <br />This is my code so far:

@foreach (var discount in Model.Discounts) { <div class="editor-label"> <label for="@discount.Key.DiscountCode">@discount.Key.DiscountName</label> </div> <div class="editor-field"> <input class="discountCode" name="discountCode" readonly="true" type="text" /> <a class="remove" data-key="discountCode" href="javascript:void(0);">Remove</a> <a class="edit" data-key="discountCode" href="javascript:void(0);">Edit</a> </div> <br /> } <div class="totaldiscounts"> Total: <input id="total" type="text" /> </div> <script> $('.edit').on('click', function () { var parent = $(this).parent(); var input = parent.find('input'); if (input.attr('readonly') === 'readonly') { $(this).text('Stop Edit'); } else { $(this).text('Edit'); } input.attr('readonly', !input.attr('readonly')); }); $('.remove').on('click', function () { var parent = $(this).parent(); var input = parent.find('input'); input[0].value = 0; $(input).first().blur(); var parent = $(this).closest("div"); var uncle = parent.prev(); parent.remove(); uncle.remove(); }); $('.discountCode').on('blur', function () { var inputs = $(".discountCode"); var val = 0; for (var i = 0; i < inputs.length; i++) { if (!isNaN(inputs[i].value)) { val += +inputs[i].value; } } $('#total').val(val); }); </script>

This code works until I have to change the class name of each textboxes into their actual unique discount codes like this:

<input class="@Model.discount.discountCode" name="@Model.discount.discountCode" readonly="true" type="text" />

So apparently, my javascript no longer works because the classname of each textboxes are now different to each other. <br /> How can I make my javascript work with this setup.<br /> Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!


Put the additional class name into element(example).

class="unique_class_name shared_class_name"

After all, loop to each class(shared_class_name), to get the value like following code :

$('.shared_class_name').on('blur', function ()....


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