Print arguments inside thread


void * consumer_child(void *arguments){ Range rng = *((Range *) arguments); //prinnting with the range to easily identify each thread printf("consumer_child[%d-%d] started\n", rng.start, rng.end ); pthread_exit(0); }

When I print it, it prints memory location, not the value. I need to print the value.

In main thread start and end values are set properly. I have checked them.

in main I have set the argument as following

Range *rng = malloc(sizeof(*rng)); rng->start = i * numbersPerChild; rng->end = (numbersPerChild * (i + 1)) -1 ; printf("Range for thread %d is %d to %d\n", i, rng->start, rng->end ); printf("test print %d\n",rng->start); pthread_create(&tid[i], NULL, consumer_child, (void *)&rng );

Range is a struct

typedef struct { int start; int end; } Range;


You need to change:

pthread_create(&tid[i], NULL, consumer_child, (void *)&rng );


pthread_create(&tid[i], NULL, consumer_child, rng);

since rng is already a pointer, and you want to pass that, not its address. You don't need to cast an object pointer to void * in C, unless you have a variadic function that expects one and you're trying to pass it a different kind of object pointer.


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