Access to many-to-many relation in array format, symfony2


in symfony we can access many-to-many relations with getter functions which return objects of ArrayCollection type. for example for getting Alex's students we can call $alex->getStudens(), then i have access to ale's studens object.

now my question is how i can access alex's students id's in array, for example by calling $alex->getStudentsIds() it returns {1,5,7,12,..} , which are his students's ids.


precisely how you wrote it, you add another function in the entity

public function getStudentsIds() { $students = $this->students; $studentIds = []; foreach($students as $student) { $studentIds[] = $student->getId(); } return $studentIds; }

Ideal solution would be to add such a method to a repository and have it query only for student ids for given object but this is the simpliest solution possible.


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