How to define string parameters in C++ header file - Bridged with Swift?


I have a Xcode project with Swift and C++ (with bridging header), and I am trying to create a function in C++ with 2 string parameters, and returning an array of integers back to Swift:

<strong>.cpp file:</strong>

int* example(string one, string two) { int test[3] = {7,2,3}; return test; }

<strong>.h file:</strong>

#if __cplusplus extern "C" { #endif int* example(string one, string two); //ERROR HERE #ifdef __cplusplus } #endif

I am getting this error (in the .h file):


Unknown type name 'string'


I tried to include the string header file to the header, but then I get the error (I also had to add std:: before the string):

<strong>New function declaration:</strong>

int* example(std::string one, std::string two);

<strong>Error (at the first std::)</strong>


Expected ')'


I am really losing my patience here, what am I doing wrong?


You can't use class types in extern "C" declaration. You can introduce the following trick:


#if __cplusplus extern "C" { #endif int* example(void *one, void *two); #ifdef __cplusplus } #endif

source: (.cpp assumed)

#include <string> using namespace std; extern "C" { int* example(void *one, void *two) { string &a = *reinterpret_cast<string*>(one); string &b = *reinterpret_cast<string*>(two); ... } }

You must pass strings by ptr.


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