Mapping relational DB to a List each containing a List using JdbcTemplate


I am using Spring MVC with JdbcTemplate and a MySQL database.

Say I have the following 2 tables :





I have a School POJO that has the following class variables :

int id, String name, List<Student> students

Is there a way of retrieving a List with each School object containing the appropriate List of Student objects using JdbcTemplate <strong>in one query</strong>? I know this is easily achievable using Hibernate but I would like to use JdbcTemplate ..

Many thanks !


Yes, you can fetch all data in 1 query.

<strong>Simple example:</strong>

class Student { int id; String name; String addr; Student(int id, String name, String addr) { this.addr = addr; this.id = id; this.name = name; } } class School { int id; String name; List<Student> students = new ArrayList<>(); School(int id, String name) { this.id = id; this.name = name; } void addStudent(Student s) { students.add(s); } } /* * helper method that gets school from map or create if not present */ private School getSchool(Map<Integer, School> schoolMap, int id, String name) { School school = schoolMap.get(id); if (school == null) { school = new School(id, name); schoolMap.put(id, school); } return school; } // RUN QUERY String sql = " select st.ID, st.NAME, st.ADDRESS. s.id, s.name" + " from table_students st" + " inner join table_school s on st.school_id = s.id"; final Map<Integer, School> schoolMap = new HashMap<>(); jdbcTemplate.query(sql, new RowCallbackHandler() { @Override public void processRow(ResultSet rs) throws SQLException { int studentId = rs.getInt(1); String studentName = rs.getString(2); String studentAddr = rs.getString(3); int schoolId = rs.getInt(4); String schoolName = rs.getString(5); Student student = new Student(studentId, studentName, studentAddr); getSchool(schoolMap, schoolId, schoolName).addStudent(student); } });

One final point regarding fetching <strong>performance</strong>:

If you expect many records to fetch it is nearly always a good idea to increase <strong>jdbc fetch size</strong> parameter. So before run query set it on your jdbcTemplate:

jdbcTemplate.setFetchSize(200); // you can experiment with this value

or if you are using spring's JdbcDaoSupport you can use such pattern:

public class MyDao extends JdbcDaoSupport { .... @Override protected void initTemplateConfig() { getJdbcTemplate().setFetchSize(200); } }


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