using paste() in a for loop with glm


In the code below, df.pts is a dataframe. I'd like to run about dozen glm models using different y variable (only two shown in the code). I'm using a for loop with the paste() function, but I can't seem to get the paste() function to work properly. What am I missing with paste()?

SPCA2 = df.pts[,3] CLQU2 = df.pts[,4] df.list = list(SPCA2, CLQU2) for (i in df.list) { qp.mod = glm(paste(i,"~NDVI+ELEV"), family="quasipoisson", data=my.data) print(summary(gp.mod)) }


Many thanks! The main problem was that df.list was a list of vectors, and should have been a list of names.

I other words, to correct the problem...

df.list = ("SPCA2", "CLQU2")

instead of

df.list = list(SPCA2, CLQU2)

However, it was also correctly pointed out that the dataframe, my.data, was not the correct dataframe. Finally, while it worked without it, the function as.formula() also worked. Again, many thanks!


You need to add as.formula before paste to let R know you want to treat it as a formula instead of characters.

qp.mod = glm(as.formula(paste(i,"~NDVI+ELEV")), family="quasipoisson", data=my.data)


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