How to pivot_table with with duplicated index


I have a df_ like this,

name level status yes high open no high closed no med closed yes low open no med rejected no high open

I am trying to create a pivot table with index='level',columns='status', values=sum of occurances with respect to the column and index

my code:

df_['temp']=df_['level'].astype(bool).astype(int) df_.pivot(index='level',columns='status',values='temp')

but gives me, ValueError: Index contains duplicate entries, cannot reshape

My expected output is,

open closed rejected high 2 1 0 med 0 1 1 low 1 0 0

Please check and tell me if there is any other easy way.


A simpler approach would be to count the occurrences of name:

df_.pivot_table(values='name', index='level', columns='status', aggfunc='count', fill_value=0)


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