Adding new element on top of XML data via XSLT


I am new to XML and XSLT so I need little bit of help. I have this kind of XML:

<Catalogue> <App id="1"> <Car>BMW</Car> <BodyType>Sedan</BodyType> <PartType>Wiper</PartType> <PartNumber>1234</PartNumber> </App> <App id="2"> <Car>Dodge</Car> <DriveType>FWD</DriveType> <PartType>Wiper</PartType> <PartNumber>5678</PartNumber> </App> <App id="3"> <Car>Chevrolet</Car> <EngineVIN>G</EngineVIN> <PartType>Wiper</PartType> <PartNumber>9012</PartNumber> </App> <App id="4"> <Car>VW</Car> <PartType>Wiper</PartType> <PartNumber>3456</PartNumber> </App> </Catalogue>

I can't figure out how to write a XSLT to add top App with id=0 so it would look like this:

<Catalogue> <App id="0"> <Car></Car> <BodyType></BodyType> <DriveType></DriveType> <EngineVIN></EngineVIN> <PartType></PartType> <PartNumber></PartNumber> </App> <App id="1"> <Car>BMW</Car> <BodyType>Sedan</BodyType> <PartType>Wiper</PartType> <PartNumber>1234</PartNumber> </App> <App id="2"> <Car>Dodge</Car> <DriveType>FWD</DriveType> <PartType>Wiper</PartType> <PartNumber>5678</PartNumber> </App> <App id="3"> <Car>Chevrolet</Car> <EngineVIN>G</EngineVIN> <PartType>Wiper</PartType> <PartNumber>9012</PartNumber> </App> <App id="4"> <Car>VW</Car> <PartType>Wiper</PartType> <PartNumber>3456</PartNumber> </App> </Catalogue>

I am trying for couple of days now with no luck, so any help would be appreciated. I need this because when I want to import this XML into Access, for some reason if in first "App" all fields aren't defined (which occur in other "App"-s), they don't get imported.

Thank you!


If you are satisfied with a fixed set of tags it can be done in XSLT 1.0 quite easily as follows:

<xsl:template match="/Catalogue"> <Catalogue> <App id="0"> <Car></Car> <BodyType></BodyType> <DriveType></DriveType> <EngineVIN></EngineVIN> <PartType></PartType> <PartNumber></PartNumber> </App> <xsl:copy-of select="App"/> </Catalogue> </xsl:template>

Note that I added closing tags for <App>. These were missing in your XML file.


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