WPF Get Item of Itemscontrol in Visualtree


I am implementing an DragAndDrop-manager for wpf using attached properties. It works quite nice. But there is only one problem. To grab the dragged item i am using the visualtree. As example I want to have the listboxitem but the originalsource is the border of the listboxitem. So I just use one of my helper methods to search for the parent with the type of ListBoxItem. If I found that I get the data of it and drag that.

But I dont want to have my DragAndDrop-manager aviable only while using a listbox. No I want to use it on every Itemscontrol. But a DataGrid uses DataGridRows, a listview uses ListViewItem... So is there any chance to get the item without writing the code again, again and again?


well, you can have this function (i prefer to have it as static):

public static IEnumerable<T> FindVisualChildren<T>(DependencyObject depObj) where T : DependencyObject { if (depObj != null) { for (int i = 0; i < VisualTreeHelper.GetChildrenCount(depObj); i++) { DependencyObject child = VisualTreeHelper.GetChild(depObj, i); if (child != null && child is T) { yield return (T)child; } foreach (T childOfChild in FindVisualChildren<T>(child)) { yield return childOfChild; } } } }

and use it some kind of this:<br /> i.e. you want to find all TextBox elements in yourDependencyObjectToSearchIn container

foreach (TextBox txtChild in FindVisualChildren<TextBox>(yourDependencyObjectToSearchIn)) { // do whatever you want with child of type you were looking for // for example: txtChild.IsReadOnly = true; }

if you want me to provide you some explanation, i'll do this as soon as i get up)


You can use FrameworkElement or UIElement to identify the control.

Control inheritance hierarchy..



System.Windows.DependencyObject System.Windows.Media.Visual System.Windows.UIElement System.Windows.**FrameworkElement** System.Windows.Controls.Control System.Windows.Controls.ContentControl System.Windows.Controls.ListBoxItem System.Windows.Controls.**ListViewItem**



System.Windows.DependencyObject System.Windows.Media.Visual System.Windows.UIElement System.Windows.**FrameworkElement** System.Windows.Controls.Control System.Windows.Controls.**DataGridRow**


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