itext pdf verify if signature is visible or invisible


I am currently using Itext 5.4.4 and I would like to know if it is possible to check if a signature in my current PDF is visible or invisible. Is this possible? Or do I have to upgrade to a newer versión of Itext?


You can do it like the code below. Other flags are easily added..

PdfReader reader; //instantiate AcroFields acroFields = reader.getAcroFields(); Map<String, Item> fieldNames = acroFields.getFields(); Set<Entry<String, Item>> entries = fieldNames.entrySet(); Iterator<Entry<String, Item>> it = entries.iterator(); while(it.hasNext()){ Entry<String, Item> entry = it.next(); //Check flags boolean invisible = isInvisible(entry.getValue()); boolean mandatory = isMandatory(entry.getValue()); boolean noView = isNoView(entry.getValue()); boolean hidden = isHidden(entry.getValue()); ... } public static boolean isInvisible(Item item) { //Add a nullcheck! if(item.size()>0) { PdfDictionary d = item.getMerged(0); PdfNumber num = (PdfNumber) d.get(PdfName.F); return num == null ? false : ((num.intValue() & PdfAnnotation.FLAGS_INVISIBLE) == PdfAnnotation.FLAGS_INVISIBLE); } return false; } public static boolean isMandatory(Item item) { //Add a null check here! if(item.size()>0) { PdfDictionary d = item.getMerged(0); PdfNumber num = (PdfNumber) d.get(PdfName.FF); return num == null ? false : ((num.intValue() & PdfFormField.FF_REQUIRED) == PdfFormField.FF_REQUIRED); } return false; } public static boolean isNoView(Item item) { //nullcheck! if(item.size()>0) { PdfDictionary d = item.getMerged(0); PdfNumber num = (PdfNumber) d.get(PdfName.F); return num == null ? false : ((num.intValue() & PdfAnnotation.FLAGS_NOVIEW) == PdfAnnotation.FLAGS_NOVIEW); } return false; } public static boolean isHidden(Item item) { //Nullcheck! if(item.size()>0) { PdfDictionary d = item.getMerged(0); PdfNumber num = (PdfNumber) d.get(PdfName.F); return num == null ? false : ((num.intValue() & PdfAnnotation.FLAGS_HIDDEN) == PdfAnnotation.FLAGS_HIDDEN); } return false; }


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