Get-ChildItem error handling when using long file paths


I am trying to handle errors when scanning through folders. Let's say I have something like:

Get-ChildItem $somepath -Directory | ForEach-Object { if(error occurred due to too long path) { skip this folder then } else { Write-Host $_.BaseName } }

When I do this I print the folders in $somepath until one of them is too long and then the loop stops. Even when using SilentlyContinue. I want to print even after reaching a folder that is too long.


If you can install a non-ancient PowerShell version (3.0 or newer), simply prepend the path with \\?\ to overcome the 260-character limit for full path:

Get-ChildItem "\\?\$somepath" | ForEach { # ............ }


You could try ignoring the files longer 260 characters by using the Where-Object cmdlet.

Get-ChildItem $somepath -Directory -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue ` | Where-Object {$_.length -lt 261} ` | ForEach-Object { Write-Host $_.BaseName }

Or you could use the following (<a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/12697259/how-do-i-find-files-with-a-path-length-greater-than-260-characters-in-windows" rel="nofollow">Ref</a>).

cmd /c dir $somepath /s /b | Where-Object {$_.length -lt 261}


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