How to run command in the process which is executed with admin rights?


I want to create <strong>a self signed certificate</strong> and install it using through c# program. I use <strong>makecert</strong> to make certificate i run it as <strong>administrator</strong> and i pass command in the <strong>ProcessStartInfo.argument</strong> but the command doesn't executes what is the problem in the code?

Here is my code:

public void Createasnewadmin() { ProcessStartInfo info = new ProcessStartInfo(); Process p = new Process(); info.FileName = Application.StartupPath+@"\makecert.exe"; info.UseShellExecute = true; info.Verb = "runas"; // Provides Run as Administrator info.Arguments = "makecert testCert_admin_check.cer"; //i just create sample certificate but it doesn't get created //The problem is above line the command doesn't get execute p.StartInfo=info; p.Start() }

<strong>Please Tell me where is the problem is it not executing as administrator? or the command to be executed is not passed properly?</strong>

I think it is executing as admin as i myself click on yes button to execute as admin that is prompted by windows

Why is command not executing? is there any other way?


Taking a look at your code, I suspect you are getting an error because your arguments are incorrect.

You line

info.Arguments = "makecert testCert_admin_check.cer";

should be

info.Arguments = "testCert_admin_check.cer";


I believe you need to supply credentials to invoke process in admin mode.


UserName = "Administrator", Password = ,



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