participants->registration_type->contains('certificate_available', 'Y')) [ " shows "Property [registrationType] does not exist on this collection instance"?I want to show for each registration a link" name="description" /> participants->registration_type->contains('certificate_available', 'Y')) [ " shows "Property [registrationType] does not exist on this collection instance"?I want to show for each registration a link" />

Do you know why it appears “Property [registrationType] does not exist on this collection instance”?


Do you know why the " @if ($nextRegistration->participants->registration_type->contains('certificate_available', 'Y')) [ " shows "Property [registrationType] does not exist on this collection instance"?

I want to show for each registration a link "Get certificate" if the column "certificate_available" of the "registration_types" table has the value "Y".

<ul class="list-group"> @foreach($nextRegistrations as $nextRegistration) @if(!empty($nextRegistration->conference) || !empty($nextRegistration->conference->start_date)) @if ($nextRegistration->participants->registration_type->contains('certificate_available', 'Y')) <a href="{{route('conferences.certificateInfo', [ 'regID'=> $nextRegistration->id])}}" class="btn btn-primary ml-2">Download certificate</a> @endif </li> @endif @endforeach </ul>

The participant model has the registration_type():

class Participant extends Model { public function registration(){ return $this->belongsTo('App\Registration'); } public function registration_type(){ return $this->belongsTo('App\RegistrationType'); } }

To get the $nextRegistrations the code is:

$nextRegistrations = $user->registrations() ->with('participants.registration_type') ->whereHas( 'conference', function ($query) { $query->where('end_date', '>', now()); } )->paginate($pageLimit);

And $nextRegistrations shows like:

LengthAwarePaginator {#336 ▼ #total: 3 #lastPage: 1 #items: Collection {#320 ▼ #items: array:3 [▼ 0 => Registration {#308 ▼ ... #relations: array:1 [▼ "participants" => Collection {#327 ▼ #items: array:1 [▼ 0 => Participant {#332 ▼ ... #relations: array:1 [▼ "registration_type" => RegistrationType {#337 ▼ #fillable: array:7 [▶] .... #attributes: array:10 [▼ "id" => 1 "name" => "general" "description" => "desc general" "conference_id" => 1 "certificate_id" => 1 "certificate_available" => "Y" ] ... } ] ... } ] } ] ... } 1 => Registration {#321 ▶} 2 => Registration {#317 ▶} ] } .... }


How do you retrieve the data from the database. You may need to use the with method:

$data = Participant::with('registration_type')->get()

or in the view use "registration_type" as a method, not as a property:


You can find more about the belongs to relationship here: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>


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