Entity Framework : Why this code doesn't work


I'm using Entity Framework 6.0, DbContext. I'm using this method to copy an object and some related children:

Imports System.Data.Objects Imports System.Data.Objects.DataClasses Imports System.Runtime.CompilerServices Public Module Entities <Extension()> Public Function CloneEntity(Of T As Class)(entity As T, context As ObjectContext, Optional include As List(Of IncludeEntity) = Nothing, Optional copyKeys As Boolean = False) As T Return CloneEntityHelper(entity, context, include, copyKeys) End Function Private Function CloneEntityHelper(Of T As Class)(entity As T, context As ObjectContext, Optional include As List(Of IncludeEntity) = Nothing, Optional copyKeys As Boolean = False) As T If include Is Nothing Then include = New List(Of IncludeEntity)() Dim myType = entity.GetType() Dim methodInfo = context.GetType().GetMethod("CreateObject").MakeGenericMethod(myType) Dim result = methodInfo.Invoke(context, Nothing) Dim propertyInfo = entity.GetType().GetProperties() For Each info In propertyInfo Dim attributes = info.GetCustomAttributes(GetType(EdmScalarPropertyAttribute), False).ToList() For Each attr As EdmScalarPropertyAttribute In attributes If (Not copyKeys) AndAlso attr.EntityKeyProperty Continue For End If info.SetValue(result, info.GetValue(entity, Nothing), Nothing) Next If info.PropertyType.Name.Equals("EntityCollection`1", StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase) Then Dim shouldInclude = include.SingleOrDefault(Function(i) i.Name.Equals(info.Name, StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase)) If shouldInclude Is Nothing Then Continue For Dim relatedChildren = info.GetValue(entity, Nothing) Dim propertyType As Type = relatedChildren.GetType().GetGenericArguments().First() Dim genericType As Type = GetType(EntityCollection(Of )) Dim boundType = genericType.MakeGenericType(propertyType) Dim children = Activator.CreateInstance(boundType) For Each child In relatedChildren Dim cloneChild = CloneEntityHelper(child, context, shouldInclude.Children, shouldInclude.CopyKeys) children.Add(cloneChild) Next info.SetValue(result, children, Nothing) End If Next Return result End Function Public Class IncludeEntity Public Property Name As String Public Property Children As New List(Of IncludeEntity) Public Property CopyKeys As Boolean Public Sub New(propertyName As String, ParamArray childNodes() As String) Name = propertyName Children = childNodes.Select(Function(n) new IncludeEntity(n)).ToList() End Sub End Class End Module

Now I'm using the code like below :

Dim litm, newitm As New MyObject Dim inc = New List(Of IncludeEntity)() inc.Add(New IncludeEntity("Child_list")) litm=context.MyObjects.FirstOrDefault newitm = litm.CloneEntity(CType(context, Entity.Infrastructure.IObjectContextAdapter).ObjectContext,include:=inc)

The code is executed without errors, but nothing is copied, so newitm is empty.

I have inspected the code and found that this line on the CloneEntity function :

Dim myType = entity.GetType()

Is producing a strange type.

I'm expecting that the type will be of MyObject type, but instead this return :


This line too :

Dim result = methodInfo.Invoke(context, Nothing)

produces the same strange type.

I don't know if this is the problem, but this is the only strange thing I have noticed.

Can you help me to find out why this code doesn't work?

Thank you!


Entity framework, like many other ORMs will build a proxy type for your entities so that it can intercept calls to:

<ul><li>Lazy load the contents of any collection contained as properties within your entity, when you access those collection properties.</li> <li>Detect that you have made changes to the properties of an instance as part of dirty checking, so that it will know which objects are dirty and need to be saved to the database when you invoke SaveChanges.</li> </ul>

Refer for example to <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9501471/ef-returning-proxy-class-instead-of-actual-entity" rel="nofollow">EF returning proxy class instead of actual entity</a> or <a href="https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/data/jj592886.aspx" rel="nofollow">Working with Proxies</a>.

If you want to find out the underlying type of your entity that is wrapped by the proxy, i.e. the one that would match with the type you are looking for (e.g. MyObject), you can do that using a method in the object context:

var underlyingType = ObjectContext.GetObjectType(entity.GetType());


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