MVC3, Unity Framework with multiple configurations


We have a multi-company capable site which requires unique business logic for each company. We are using constructor dependency injection in our controllers, but would need to swap the unity container being used based upon a user's company. I was thinking that you could examine the user's cookie before setting the container for the current HttpContext. Is this even possible?


It's very doable. What I'd do is set up a "master" container, and then a child container for each company. That way you have default configuration in one place, and then you can customer per company easily without having to reconfigure every time. Save the child containers in some easily indexed way (a dictionary of company -> container, perhaps).

Then, write an HttpModule implementation that runs early in the pipeline to figure out which company the request is for. Use that to figure out the appropriate container to use. And from there you're pretty much set.

I would be worried as a customer of your system that you're not isolating my data sufficiently; wouldn't want to leak information across customers and get sued.


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