Overloading a method in an immutable class


Say that I have an immutable Point class with x and y parameters, and an add method defined like this:

class Point: Point add(int x, int y): return new Point(this.x + x, this.y + y);

Since it's immutable, it returns a new Point. This is all well and good until we have a class that extends Point and redefines add.

class ColoredPoint extends Point: ColoredPoint add(int x, int y): return new ColoredPoint(this.x + x, this.y + y, this.width, this.height)

We have to write the new definition because otherwise the add method on ColoredPoint would return Point which is bad. But now this won't work in most languages because we're overriding add but we're only disambiguating on return type. Languages don't allow you to have methods that are only disambiguated on return type, because that can be ambiguous in most cases.

So what do we do?

The only solutions I see are:

<ul><li>Make them both implement some interface like IPositionable</li> <li>Give up on immutability.</li> </ul>

Anything else?


If you want to enforce immutability, you cannot have subclasses. See for example java.lang.String, which is a final class for this reason: To prevent people from subclassing String to make it mutable.

Also, why would Rect extend Point in the first place? Isn't it a completely different thing? Geometry-wise, they don't even exist in the same dimension.

Finally, I cannot see the connection between the problem of methods on subclasses returning a more restrained type (and some languages not supporting this well), and immutability.


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