Swift 3 comparing array indexes


If i have two arrays & i want to compare their indexes, for ex:

let var a1 = ["1", "2", "3"] let var a2 = ["3", "2", "3"]

And i wanted to print something to say which index wasn't the same, such as:

if a1[0] != a2[0] && a1[1] == a2[1] && a1[2] == a2[2]{ print("Index 0 is not the same.")

Would i have to write 7 more of those statements to show all 8 possibilities of all correct/all wrong/index 1&1 wrong, etc?

Thank you!


You can get all indexes like this:

let diffIndex = zip(a1, a2).enumerated().filter {$1.0 != $1.1}.map {$0.offset}


<ul><li>zip produces a sequence of pairs</li> <li>enumerated() adds an index to the sequence</li> <li>filter keeps only pairs with different values</li> <li>map harvests the index, and builds the sequence of results.</li> </ul>

Running this on

let a1 = ["1", "2", "3", "4"] let a2 = ["3", "2", "3", "5"]

This produces a sequence [0, 3]


Use a for loop:

for i in 0..<a1.length { if a1[i] != a2[i] { print("Index \(i) is not the same") } }

Generally if you find yourself repeating the same code but with different numbers, you can substitute it with a for loop.


Try this

let a1 = ["1", "2", "3"] let a2 = ["3", "2", "3"] let result = zip(a1, a2).map({ $0 == $1 }).reduce(true, {$0 && $1})


Surely you could do something like this:

let a1 = ["1", "2", "3"] let a2 = ["3", "2", "3"] var compareResult : [String] = [String]() if a1.count == a2.count { // Need to check they have same length for count in 0..<a1.count { let result : String = a1[count] == a2[count] ? "MATCH" : "MISMATCH" compareResult.append(result) } print(compareResult) // Do something more interesting with compare result... }


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