Python to replace a symbol between between 2 words in a quote


trying to replace <strong>comma</strong> between 2 words <strong>Durango and PC</strong> in the second line by <strong>&</strong> and then remove the quotes " as well. Same for third line with <strong>Orbis and PC</strong> I would like to retain the rest of the lines using Python:

2,SIN-Rendering,Core Tech - Rendering,PC,147,Reopened 2,Kenny Chong,Core Tech - Rendering,"Durango, PC",55,Reopened 3,SIN-Audio,AAA - Audio,"Orbis, PC",13,Open ... ... ...

Like these, there can be 100 lines in my sample. So the expected output is:

2,SIN-Rendering,Core Tech - Rendering,PC,147,Reopened 2,Kenny Chong,Core Tech - Rendering, Durango & PC,55,Reopened 3,SIN-Audio,AAA - Audio, Orbis & PC,13,Open ... ... ...

So far, I could think of reading line by line and then if the line contains quote replace it with no character but then replacement of symbol inside is something I am stuck with.

How to achieve this, any suggestion? Learning Python.


Use a <a href="https://docs.python.org/3/library/re.html" rel="nofollow">regular expression</a> for this. Write a regular expression that catches your string, and then use it to replace it.

It should look something like this:

\"(\w*),\ (\w*)\"

This will catch your <em>Durango</em> and <em>PC</em>, and map both of them into two groups which you later use when you replace them.


Something like this? Add proper if() if you want to switch comma to ampersand only in second line:

This code goes trough all lines with ..., "..., ...", ... => ..., ... & ..., ...

import re expr = r'2,Kenny Chong,Core Tech - Rendering,"Durango, PC",55,Reopened' expr2 = re.findall('"(.*?)"', expr) if len(expr2)!=0: expr3 = re.split('"',expr) expr4 = expr3[0]+expr3[1].replace(","," &")+expr3[2] print(expr4)


Something like below:

st = "2,Kenny Chong,Core Tech - Rendering,\"Durango, PC\",55,Reopened" res = re.sub(r'\"(.*),\ (.*)\"',lambda x : (" & ").join(re.findall(r'\"(.*),\ (.*)\"', st)[0]),st)


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