maven build for WSo2 artifacts


I can export below carbon project from the developer studio , but not using maven on command prompt.

There are two modules embedded inside the "carbon" project . One is Config project and another one is registry resource . maven build / mvn package is done from the car prject level and we are getting below error . As the carbon Project pom has the dependencies as ".xml" . Any pointers here is really appreciated.

Below is project structure.

CArProject -

ConfigProject ResoourceProject

"com.barclaycardus.svc.account.car:account-service-car:pom:1.0.0-SNAPSHOT: The following artifacts could not be resolved: com.barclaycardus.svc.account.car.endpoint:AccountServiceEndpointDev:xml:1.0.0, com.barclaycardus.svc.account.car.sequence:AccountServiceOutSequence:xml:1.0.0, com.barclaycardus.svc.account.car.sequence:AccountServiceInSequence:xml:1.0.0, com.barclaycardus.svc.account.car.proxy-service:AccountProxyService:xml:1.0.0,


When you use maven to build the CAR file for your artifacts, then you need to build the individual artifact project before building the C-App project.

Since this is a tedious task to build each and every project one by one, we have another project type called Maven Multi Module project which acts as a Maven parent project.

So if you want to build everything in a single go, then you need to create a Maven Multi Module project and include all the other projects as modules in this multi module project's pom file.

You can find more information about Maven multi module project from <a href="http://wso2.org/project/developer-studio/2.0.1/docs/devs_maven_support.html#MavenMultiModule" rel="nofollow">here</a>.

So when you build the maven multi module project, it will build all the other projects and the CAR file will be generated in the target folder of the C-App project.


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