Downloading Matlab Support Package Raspberry Pi


I'm trying do download the MATLAB Raspberry Pi Support Package, but can't finish it due to an error occuring every time. I can go through every step until I put the sd card back to my Raspberry Pi and use an ethernet cable to connect the Pi with my PC. Whenever Matlab tries to detect my Raspberry Pi, it throws an error message: "attempt to reference field of non-structure array." What does this mean?

Information about my PC: Windows 7, i7 processor, 64 bit, 8 GB RAM MATLAB R2014a

Raspberry Pi: OS: Raspbian Version: Raspberry Pi B+ SD card HC = 16 GB

I watched videos in Youtube and did the same steps as everyone else, so I don't know where the problem is in my case. It would be nice, to hear some advice.



This error was due to a bug in hardware detection step. You can try R2018a with new hardware setup screens.


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