Accessing Win32 CreateEvent/SetEvent from WSH or other native Windows program


I need to interface with a program suite that uses named. Win32 Events (eg, CreateEvent() API) to communicate between running processes.

I'm able to do this with some very simple C code

h = CreateEvent(NULL, FALSE, FALSE, argv[1]); if (h != INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE) SetEvent(h);

However, due to policy issues, I can't install custom binaries on production machines!

Is there a way to do this with Windows Scripting Host?

I could possibly get signed binaries added to the production environment - so other scripting language might be viable. Recommendations are welcome.


If you just need a Win32 event for normal eventing purposes, you could use PowerShell. This will give you access to the .Net framework. This will allow you to indirectly access the API by using a managed event class such as ManualResetEvent. This is just a thin wrapper on top of the normal CreateEvent APIs.



I can't install custom binaries on production machines! ... I could possibly get signed binaries added to the production environment


Sign your own binaries.

Whoever instituted such a policy that allows you to run arbitrary WSH programs but not binaries should pay for your code-signing cert.


Python has a PyWin32 library that allows you to use Windows API functions, including CreateEvent/SetEvent.

In general (and with different level of convenience), you could use any language that allows defining and invoking external functions (from kernel32.dll in this case).


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