How to pass data to c3 graph


Here is my JS code:

var abc = JSON.stringify(dataObject); var chart = c3.generate({ bindto: '#container', data: { json: abc, keys: { x:'_id', value: ['a', 'b','c','d'], }, axis: { x: { type: 'timeseries', } } } });

The above code gives error:undefined is not a function.

However if I directly give the same data directly without storing in a variable, the code works.<br /> Please let me know what the mistake is.


i got the Answer , it works fine with me . Remove JSON.stringify(dataObject).

it will already Stringify by the c3.js it self


Remove JSON.stringify(dataObject).

It will already Stringify by the <strong>c3.js</strong> itself


According to c3js documentation here : <a href="http://c3js.org/reference.html#data-json" rel="nofollow">http://c3js.org/reference.html#data-json</a>

You don't need to convert, You are getting undefined error because your keys are already in double quotes. Your data is already JSON, therefore you don't need to convert it, C3js automatically parse it unless there is syntax error.

If your data is valid JSON/Javascript object then C3js will parse it for you.

[{ "_id": 1404412200000, "a": 6, "b": 10, "c": 6, "d": 20 }]


[{ _id: 1404412200000, a: 6, b: 10, c: 6, d: 20 }]

Notice the difference first one is JSON and second one is Javascript Object


I stopped in the same error. I think stringify adds characters c3js no interpret


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