Erasing vector.end() fails


Why does using vector.erase(vector.end()) produces a

Segmentation fault (core dumped)

when using this code:

#include <iostream> #include <vector> using namespace std; void printMe(vector<int>& v){ for(auto &i:v) cout<<i<<" "; cout<<"\n"; } int main() { vector<int> c = { 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8}; printMe(c); c.erase(c.begin()); printMe(c); c.erase(c.begin()); printMe(c); // c.erase(c.end()); //will produce segmentation fault // printMe(c); return 0; }

I'm a bit new to these iterators , so this caught me off guard. While I know there exists vector.pop_back(). I'm curious to know what exactly causes this.

A <a href="http://ideone.com/EGpVzn" rel="nofollow">link</a> to the program.


vector::end() does not point to the last element, it points to the element <em>just after</em> the last element.

Quoting <a href="http://www.cplusplus.com/reference/vector/vector/end/" rel="nofollow">cplusplus.com</a>,



Returns an iterator referring to the past-the-end element in the vector container.

The past-the-end element is the theoretical element that would follow the last element in the vector. It does not point to any element, and thus shall not be dereferenced.

<strong>Because the ranges used by functions of the standard library do not include the element pointed by their closing iterator, this function is often used in combination with vector::begin to specify a range including all the elements in the container.</strong>


Hence, it has nothing to erase() there, and hence the error.

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c.erase(c.end() - 1);


vector::end() points to one after the last element.

Therefore it does not point to an element.

Thus, there is nothing to delete.

If you wish to delete the last element, you need to delete the element before that, as you do in your ideone link.


Vector's end() returns an iterator referring to the element which should be AFTER the last element in container.

So you are trying to erase the memory which does not belong to you, this produces SIGSEGV (11).


As volerag mentioned above just replace c.erase(c.end()); with c.erase(c.end()-1);


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