How to get the count of each distinct value in Multiple columns and get the result in separate colum


I need the following table to be queried to get the result given below the table.


---------------------------------- | Name | Age | slot | |-------|--------|---------------| |A |20 | 1 | |B |30 | 2 | |C |30 | 1 | |D |20 | 1 | |E |40 | 2 | |F |40 | 3 | |G |50 | 3 | ----------------------------------


------------------------------------------- |Age |Age_Count |Slot |Slot_Count| ------------------------------------------- |20 | 2 |1 |3 | ------------------------------------------- |30 | 2 |2 |2 | ------------------------------------------- |40 | 2 |3 |2 | ------------------------------------------- |50 | 1 | -----------------------

While searching stackoverflow i found <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/7053902/sql-how-to-get-the-count-of-each-distinct-value-in-a-column" rel="nofollow">this question for single column</a> question and there is [this link for multiple columns] (<a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/28133875/get-the-count-of-each-distinct-value-in-multiple-columns" rel="nofollow">get the count of each distinct value in "Multiple" columns</a>) question. The answers from the second link (for the multiple coulmn's distinct count) is displayed under a single column and my requirement is i guess quite different from the answers posted there.

Thanks in advance


Your request is kind of odd. Are you sure you want that?

If so, this may help:

SET @x:=0,@y:=0,@m:=0,@n:=0; SELECT DISTINCT age,age_count, slot,slot_count FROM ( SELECT age, age_count, slot, slot_count FROM ( SELECT @x:=@x + 1 AS aid, age, COUNT(*) age_count FROM slots GROUP BY age ) a LEFT JOIN ( SELECT @y:=@y + 1 AS sid, slot, COUNT(*) slot_count FROM slots GROUP BY slot ) s ON a.aid = s.sid UNION SELECT age, age_count, slot, slot_count FROM ( SELECT @m:=@m + 1 AS aid, slot, COUNT(*) slot_count FROM slots GROUP BY slot ) a LEFT JOIN ( SELECT @n:=@n + 1 AS sid, age, COUNT(*) age_count FROM slots GROUP BY age ) s ON a.aid = s.sid ) a

If you know for sure that you have more unique ages than unique slots , or opposite, you can get ride of messy union.


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