Bidirectional One-To-One Relationships in Flow


Is it possible to have <strong>One-To-One Relationships</strong> in Flow without having to <strong>set the attributes twice</strong>?

I have two tables that are connected in a One-To-One Relationship, but only one of them should contain an extra column for this Relation.

Doctrine clearly supports this behavior: <a href="http://doctrine-orm.readthedocs.org/en/latest/reference/association-mapping.html#one-to-one-bidirectional" rel="nofollow">http://doctrine-orm.readthedocs.org/en/latest/reference/association-mapping.html#one-to-one-bidirectional</a>

The class that should come with a componenttape column:

/** * @Flow\Entity */ class Component{ /** * @var \Some\Package\Domain\Model\Component\Tape * @ORM\OneToOne(cascade={"all"}, inversedBy="component") */ protected $componentTape; … }

The class that should just be able to find the connection without an extra column:

/** * @Flow\Entity */ class Tape{ /** * @var \ Some\Package\Domain\Model\Component * @ORM\OneToOne(mappedBy="componentTape") */ protected $component; }

A doctrine update will create extra columns for both models.

This is what my workarround at the moment looks like:

class Component{ .. /** * @param \Some\Package\Domain\Model\Component\Tape $componentTape * @return void */ public function setComponentTape($componentTape) { $this->componentTape = $componentTape; $this->componentTape->setComponent($this); }


The workaround will be necessary anyway to keep the relation correct at all times during a request. But the second DB column shouldn't be necessary. Did you check if doctrine actually fills it? Maybe/Probably just the created migration is wrong and the component column in Tape can be omitted.


Does your workaround stil work for you? In my case, I have to update the ComponentTape model on the repository by self:

class Component { /** * @param \Some\Package\Domain\Model\Component\Tape $componentTape * @return void */ public function setComponentTape($componentTape) { $this->componentTape = $componentTape; $this->componentTape->setComponent($this); $this->componentTapeRepository->update($this->componentTape); }


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