Error in first function: $ operator is invalid for atomic vectors [closed]


Disclaimer: This is my first time trying to create a function in R.

I have HoltWinters function that looks like this:

f <- function(x) { y <- ts(x$Million, freq = 4, start = c(2013, 1)) y.hw <- HoltWinters(y) y.pr <- forecast(y.hw, h = 3, level = c(80, 85)) y.pr plot(y.pr) }

It takes a dataframe, converts it to timeseries (ts), forecasts and plots the forecast.

I am getting thrown this error:


Error in x$Million : $ operator is invalid for atomic vectors


I know this is probably a stupid question... but I hope you'll be nice!


The structure of the dataframes I want to pass to the function:

Quarter Product Million 1 2013-Q1 AAA 4.0 2 2013-Q2 AAA 6.0 3 2013-Q3 AAA 9.0


This error appears when you're using $ on vectors or single numeric and integer values etc, but something other than a list or a data.frame. Please make sure you're providing a data.frame or a list in your function. And most definitely, make sure your data set is not a matrix.


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