trying to make navigation bar for tablet site


I'm designing a navigation bar for a tablet website. The navigation bar holds elements displayed horizontally, and I want to be able to display new elements with a swipe (kind of like a cover flow) without the window moving. This is the code I'm using now (jQuery Mobile):

//Tablet Features $('#navHolder').bind('swipe', function(e) { $('#navHolder').animate({left:thisLeft - 100}); } );

I dont think I can trigger a swipe without first disabling scroll, but I'm open to all suggestions. Please help.


Set the parent container of the element you are scrolling to overflow : hidden so no scroll-bars appear. Then swipe events should work fine since you won't be able to use native scrolling to scroll the content.


<div id="navHolder-container"> <div id="navHolder">

content in here

</div> </div>

CSS --

#navHolder { position : absolute; width : 1000px; } #navHolder-container { position : relative; overflow : hidden; height : 100px; width : 100%; }

JS --

$(function () { var convert = { swipeleft : '-=100', swiperight : '+=100' }; $('#navHolder-container').bind('swipeleft swiperight', function(e) { $('#navHolder').animate({ left: convert[e.type]}); }); });

Here is a demo: <a href="http://jsfiddle.net/B8PQn/1/" rel="nofollow">http://jsfiddle.net/B8PQn/1/</a>


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