Primefaces : Ajax Call Inside p:dialog is not working


I am trying to execute ajax method from Dialog, but its not getting executed.

<p:dialog header="Add Product" widgetVar="addProductDialog" modal="true" height="300" width="700" dynamic="true"> <p:toolbar styleClass="toolBar"> <p:toolbarGroup align="left"> <p:commandButton styleClass="grn_actbttn" value="Cancel" onclick="addProductDialog.hide();" /> </p:toolbarGroup> <p:toolbarGroup align="right"> <p:commandButton styleClass="grn_actbttn" id="addproduct" value="Add Products" actionListener="#{customerProductsBean.saveCustomerProducts}" oncomplete="addProductDialog.hide();" /> </p:toolbarGroup> </p:toolbar> </p:dialog>

Java Code

/** * Method used to save selected Customer Product from Add Product Dialog * @param actionEvent */ public void saveCustomerProducts(ActionEvent actionEvent) { // DB call to save to database }

Is it like that p:dialog doesn't support AJAX call ?


Your dialog is being moved out of the form after it is rendered on the page. This is a side-effect of the way the client side widgets work for Primefaces dialogs.

Adding appendToBody="true" attribute to dialog will generally fix this.

If this doesn't work then make sure that your dialog is not surrounded by a form, but instead put a form element <strong>inside</strong> the dialog.


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