VBA-Excel : Conditional message box popup every 2 minutes from NOW


I have been trying to work things out with NOW (Date/time) but have been unsuccessful.

<ol><li>Checkbox1 when True captures NOW in textbox1.</li> <li>

From the value in textbox1, every 2 minutes i need a popup message reminder with OK as acknowledgement until checkbox2 is True. Can someone help with this logic and code? Thanks.

Dim X1 As Date Dim X2 As Date Dim X3 As Date Dim X4 As Date Private Sub CheckBox1_Click() X1 = Now If CheckBox1.Value = True Then TextBox1.Value = Now Call function01 If CheckBox1.Value = False Then TextBox1.Value = Null End Sub Sub function01() X2 = "00:02:00" X3 = Now - X1 X4 = Format(X3, "hh:mm:ss") If CheckBox1.Value = True Then If X4 = X2 Then MsgBox "Prompt", vbOKOnly, "Time Keeper Tool Reminder" Else End If Else End If End Sub </li> </ol>


You can use the OnTime event rather than a loop.

Change your code to:

If CheckBox1.Value = True Then TextBox1.Value = Now schedulePopup End If

And to a Module add:

Public Sub schedulePopup() '// schedule popup Application.OnTime Now + TimeValue("00:00:20"), "popupMessage", , True End Sub Public Sub popupMessage() If Not YourUserForm Is Nothing Then If YourUserForm.CheckBox1.Value = True Then MsgBox "Time Keeper Tool Reminder" '// schedule next schedulePopup End If End If End Sub


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