setContentSize is not working in cocos2dx3.0


setContentSize is not working

i am new in cocos2dx and i want to add layer from another class to my main Splashscreen class but setContentSize use device width and height.

i want to set layer size along with my sprite size.

see my code


#include "Gadget.h" #include "math.h" int nCount = 100; static CCPoint Circle [100]; // vertex array Gadget* Gadget::create(int type) { Gadget *pRet = new Gadget(); if (pRet && pRet->init(type)) { pRet->autorelease(); return pRet; } else { delete pRet; pRet = NULL; return NULL; } } bool Gadget::init(int type) { if(!LayerColor::init()) { return false; } this->setContentSize(CCSize::ZERO); this->initWithColor(Color4B(255,255,255,255)); CCLog("Before Calling"); addGadget(type); return true; } Gadget::Gadget() { // TODO Auto-generated constructor stub } Gadget::~Gadget() { // TODO Auto-generated destructor stub } void Gadget::addGadget(int type) { const char* image = "gadget_2.png"; if(type==2) { image = "gadget_1.png"; } //this->initWithFile(image); CCLog("After Calling"); CCSprite *spr = CCSprite::create(image); setGadgetPos(this->getContentSize().width/2,0.0); this->drawCircle(100,100,100); } void Gadget::setGadgetPos(float x, float y) { // this->ignoreAnchorPointForPosition(true); this->setPosition(x,y); } void Gadget::gadgetAnimStart(int type) { if(type==1) { this->setAnchorPoint(ccp(0,3)); auto rotate = RotateBy::create(3,360); this->runAction(CCRepeatForever::create(rotate)); } } void Gadget::gadgetAnimStop() { this->stopAllActions(); } void Gadget::drawCircle(float X, float Y,float rad) { DrawNode *drawnode = DrawNode::create(); for ( int i = 0 ; i <100; i ++) { float rads = i * M_1_PI; // radians Circle [i] .x = rad * cosf (rads); //vertex x Circle [i] .y = rad * sinf (rads); //vertex y } drawnode->setPosition(Director::sharedDirector()->getVisibleSize().width/2,Director::sharedDirector()->getVisibleSize().height/2); drawnode->drawPolygon(Circle,100,Color4F(0,0,0,0),1,Color4F(1,122,153,1)); this->addChild(drawnode); }

i have to use Gadget.coo class at Splashscreen.cpp

#include "Splashscreen.h" #include "HelloWorldScene.h" #include "CCHelper.h" #include "Gadget.h" #include "UserDefaultStorage.h" #include "VisibleRect.h" #include "math.h" #include "Sound.h" #include "Text_En.h" USING_NS_CC; Scene* Splashscreen::createScene() { Scene *s = Scene::create(); LayerColor *lc = Splashscreen::create(); s->addChild(lc); return s; } Splashscreen::Splashscreen() { // TODO Auto-generated constructor stub } Splashscreen::~Splashscreen() { // TODO Auto-generated destructor stub } bool Splashscreen::init() { if(!LayerColor::create()) { return false; } this->initWithColor(ccc4(0,0,0,255)); this->setContentSize(CCSizeZero); Gadget *g = Gadget::create(GREEN_GADGET); g->setPosition(ccp(-100,-100)); this->addChild(g); return true; }

when i use "this->setContentSize(CCSizeZero);" code but no changes in view. its generate fullscreen layer from position -100,-100

please give me some solutions why setContentSize is not working.

Thanks in advanced Rishabh Shah


After initialization setContentSize will set size but won't make any visible change, better you provide width and height at initialization.


this->initWithColor(ccc4(0,0,0,255), width, height);


if(!LayerColor::create()) { return false; }

It should be

if(!LayerColor::init()) { return false; }


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