In Corda `devMode`, do I have to rerun the bootstrapper after creating or updating a CorDapp


I am running a Corda network in devMode using the Network Bootstrapper.

If I create a new CorDapp JAR/update an existing CorDapp JAR, and want to deploy it to the network, how do I proceed? Is it enough to stop each node, add the JAR to each node's cordapps folder, and restart the nodes? Or do I have to rerun the bootstrapper?


You will need to rerun the bootstrapper to update the whitelistedContractImplementations in the NetworkParameters. See <a href="https://docs.corda.net/head/network-bootstrapper.html#updating-the-contract-whitelist-for-bootstrapped-networks" rel="nofollow">https://docs.corda.net/head/network-bootstrapper.html#updating-the-contract-whitelist-for-bootstrapped-networks</a>.


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