Get values from object through class


public class BlockType { public static BlockType Dirt_Block = new Block("Blah! values here"); } public struct Block { public static string Value; public Block(string value) { value = value; } }

Is there any way I can get the value from DirtBlock? BlockType.Dirt_Block.Value Dosent work, Im not sure if this is possible, if not any ways to get the same result? (Theres more values, but I shortened it for size) Btw, Im accessing BlockType.Dirt.value from anouther class. I only want to get one value out of it though


Other way to achieve it.

I think this approah provides an easier way to load/save tilemaps, and let defining block properties from text if needed.

Strict OOP with virtual methods and intensive inheritance is not a good idea for a game that may need optimizations to run fine.

Of course it can be improved or done in other way. ;)

public struct BlockProperty { public Texture2D Texture; public string Name; } public class BlockProperties { static readonly List<BlockProperty> Blocks; public static readonly BlockProperty Dirt; public static readonly BlockProperty Grass; public static readonly BlockProperty Wall; static BlockProperties( ) { ContentManager Content = Game1.Instance.Content; Blocks = new List<BlockProperty>( ) { (Dirt = new BlockProperty( ) { Name = "Dirt", Texture = Content.Load<Texture2D>( "textures/dirt" ) }), (Grass = new BlockProperty( ) { Name = "Grass", Texture = Content.Load<Texture2D>( "textures/grass" ) }), (Wall = new BlockProperty( ) { Name = "Wall", Texture = Content.Load<Texture2D>( "textures/wall" ) }), }; } public static BlockProperty ByName( string name ) { return Blocks.FirstOrDefault( b => b.Name == name ); } } public class Block { public BlockProperty BlockType; pulic Vector2 Position; public Block( BlockProperty block ) { this.BlockType = block; } public Block( string block ) { this.BlockType = BlockProperties.ByName(block); } } public class Game1 : Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game { GraphicsDeviceManager graphics; public static Game1 Instance { get; private set; } Block Block; public Game1( ) { Instance = this; graphics = new GraphicsDeviceManager( this ); } protected override void LoadContent( ) { Block = new Block("Dirt") { Position = new Vector2(100,100) }; } }


That's because Dirt_Block is a BlockType, not a Block. In fact, I wouldn't expect this code to compile, as there is no way of converting a Block to a BlockType.

I'm not quite sure what you're after, but it sounds like you have a collection of block types that would suit an enumeration:

public enum BlockType { Dirt, Wood, Metal }

and you have a collection of Blocks that each have a block type:

public class Block { public BlockType Type { get; set; } }

Here, we are using a public auto property. You should avoid using public fields (no getters or setters).

Now, to create a new Block, you can use object initialisation:

var block = new Block { Type = BlockType.Metal };

Alternatively, you could create a Block constructor which takes a BlockType parameter.


<em>Assuming</em> you mean Dirt_Block to be of type Block - your Block Value field is static - that means it is associated with the Block type, not any particular instance. Make it a public field (or property) and your access will work:

public class BlockType { public static Block Dirt_Block = new Block("Blah! values here"); } public struct Block { public string Value; public Block(string value) { value = value; } }

Also if there is no particular reason you are going with a struct here, I would suggest making Block a class and expose Value as a public property.


Your doubt isn't very clear... but I think what you want is something like this... using OOP paradigm on the block classes.

public class BlockType { public virtual string Value; public static BlockType Dirt = new Block("Blah! values here"); } public class Block : BlockType { private string value; public Block(string value) { this.value = value; } public string Value { get { return value; } } }



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