Import Excel, Export CSV with PowerShell


Due to restrictions I either need to use VB or PowerShell for this task.

I have an Excel that looks like:

ColumA, ColumB,ColumC,ColumD,ColumE,ColumF 000|Txt,MoreTxt , ColumB,ColumC,ColumD,ColumE,ColumF

I read about import_csv -header, but I'm under to successfully do it. I'll post my script below. The export I expect is:

ColumA, ColumB, ColumC, ColumD, ColumE, ColumF 000, ColumB, ColumC, ColumD, ColumE, ColumF

Only Colum gets modified, and I -only- need the digits from before that pipe. It also has to stay three digits, so 1 becomes 001, etc.

This is the script I modified based on some previous inquiries I saw, and the MS Tutorial.

$file = import-csv "C:\path\to\my\file\test.csv" foreach ($row in $file){ $tempfile = New-Object psobject -Property @{ ColumA = $row. 'ListName'.substring(0,2) ColumB = $row. 'ColumB' ColumC = $row. 'ColumC' ColumE = $row. 'ColumE' ColumF = $row. 'ColumF' } $expandfile = @() $expandfile += $tempfile | select ColumA, ColumB, ColumC, ColumD, ColumE, ColumF }

PS gives me both errors on not liking everything I have in quotes (Which I thought was the column name, but I guess not. And also a parse error on the entire array. Essentially the entire script.

<strong>UPDATE</strong> Providing real examples of source.

"Tiam Name",SiamName,Siam,Ciam,Piam,Liam,Niam,Diam "002|City, State","City, State - Some text (15092)",1,"3,408",99,"3,408",780,22.89% "009|City, State","City, State - Some Text (E) (15450)",1,"1,894",81,"1,894",543,28.67%



$expandfile = Import-Csv "C:\path\to\my\file\test.csv" | ForEach-Object { $_."Tiam`r`nName" = $_."Tiam`r`nName".SubString(0,3) $_ }


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