How to tweak d3 axis attributes when transition is present?


I'm using the d3 axis component but I want to tweak a few things after it is drawn. Specifically I would like to rotate the text labels by adding a transform to the text elements and also setting the text-anchor attribute from "middle" to "end".

The problem I'm hitting is that the text-anchor attribute seems to be set asynchronously by the d3 code as part of the transition. When I set the value to "end" in my code it subsequently gets set back to "middle" when the transition runs.

If I wait until transition end before making my change it's going to look choppy. What I'm wondering is if there is a way to insert myself into the process of drawing and transitioning the axis such that my text-anchor value will be used instead of the default one?


I believe this constitutes a bug in the axis component, so I've created a pull request to <a href="https://github.com/mbostock/d3/pull/684" rel="nofollow">update label attributes immediately</a> rather than as part of the axis transition. The text element's text-anchor attribute can't be interpolated, so there's no reason to defer the update to the transition, and setting it immediately makes it easy for you to fix it using post-selection.

An alternate fix would be to extend the axis component to support different styles of tick labeling. This way, you wouldn't need to use post-selection, so there's no conflict with the axis transition.


This seems something that can't be overridden from the API. A simple but hacky solution would be setting it in your stylesheet...

.x.axis text { text-anchor: end !important; }


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