UserSession.find returns nil after changing password


I recently created a way to change the current user password, however after saving the record, my UserSession.find returns nil, I tried by writing UserSession.new({...}).save with no luck, any suggestion on how to resolve this issue?

Here is my code, notice that is run through an AJAX request (this is a method under UserSessionController):


change_my_password #print "--------------RECORD: #{current_user_session.record.as_json}-------- #{current_user_session.user.as_json}" user = current_user user_email = user.email user_remember_me = user.remember_created_at response = { :success => false, :message_code => Extjs::MessageCodes::ERROR, :message => 'Si è verificato un errore', :total => 0, :root => [] } if user.valid_password?(params[:old_password], true) user.password = params[:new_password] user.password_confirmation = params[:confirm_password] response[:message] = 'La nuova password e la conferma non coincidono o sono troppo brevi' if user.save response[:success] = true response[:message_code] = Extjs::MessageCodes::SUCCESS response[:message] = 'Password modificata con successo' end else response[:message] = 'La password precedente non coincide con quella attualmente in uso' end respond_to do |format| format.extjson { render :json => response } end end


Ensure that you haven't set the <a href="https://github.com/binarylogic/authlogic/blob/master/lib/authlogic/acts_as_authentic/session_maintenance.rb#L35" rel="nofollow">maintain_sessions</a> parameter to false, i.e.:

acts_as_authentic do |c| c.maintain_sessions = false # change this to true. end


Update the session manually after save:



Recreate the session after the save:



Actually I didn't find a solution to this issue: I solved by forcing a login again after changing password (whcih is even added security, so not that bad).

I think KandadaBoggu is right with his answer, but I tested all of them and they are not working for me.

Maybe it's an issue created by something wrong in my code, I really don't know. At the moment I just consider this as the solution because it's actually working for my software.

If a better answer is found, I would be happy to mark it.

Thanks to everyone.


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