Dismissing and Opening a UIPopOver with one UIToolBarItem Button?


I was wondering how I could use 1 button on my ToolBar to open and dismiss my UIPopOver. If I keep tapping the button right now, another PopOver overlaps the previous one. I want ONE button to be able to dismiss and open my PopOver. I tap once, it opens. I tap the button again, it dismisses. Please tell me how. Thanks


In your button tap action event:

if (myPopover.popoverVisible) //self.myPopover if using property { [myPopover dismissPopoverAnimated:YES]; return; } //continue code here to create/present your MyPopover…


Quick way to do it is to define a UIPopOverController property in your presenting view controller and use this property to instantiate your popover (and accompanying content view controller).

In your presenting view controller you'll need something like:

UIViewController *aViewController = [[UIViewController alloc]init]; self.popOverController = [[UIPopoverController alloc] initWithContentViewController:aViewController];

Then in your button's action to toggle the popOver it should do something like:

if(self.popOverController.popoverVisible) { [self.popOverController dismissPopoverAnimated:YES]; } else { //Display the popover }

Hope that help


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