If () statement in R


I am fairly new in R and have question on if () statement in R. Any help is greatly appreciated. My data look like as listed below

Var1 var2 01 A 02 D 03 E 04 K

I need to create 2 additional variables (Var3 and Var4) based on var1. In SAS I would create var3 and var4 in following way:

if var1 = 01 then do; var3 = "New York"; var4= "NYC"; end; else; if var1 = 02 then do; var3 = "Illinois"; var4= "ORD"; end; else; if var1 = 03 then do; var3 = "Texas"; var4= "DFW"; end; else; if var1 = 04 then do; var3 = "New Jersey"; var4= "EWR"; end; else;

I want to convert above if statements into R program. Any help is greatly appreciated.


var3 <- c("New York", "Illinois", "Texas", "New Jersey")[ match(var1, c("01","02","03","04")] var4 <- c("NYC", "ORD", "DFW", "EWR")[ match(var1, c("01","02","03","04")]

Generally the items you will be working with are dataframes rather than the Sets you have in SAS-world. So you would have a data-object name, say dat and you might execute:

dat$var4 <- with( dat, c("NYC", "ORD", "DFW", "EWR")[ match(var1, c("01","02","03","04")] )


The basic R rule I impose on myself is to store data that you might have to call upon in an appropriate structure (e.g. - vectors for a series of values, lists for related series of values of unequal lengths, data.frames for related series of equal lengths etc etc).

So an appropriate structure in this case is a data.frame for related series of the same length. E.g.:

srcs <- data.frame( Var1=c("01","02","03","04"), state=c("New York", "Illinois", "Texas", "New Jersey"), code=c("NYC", "ORD", "DFW", "EWR") )

Then use that store of basic information to add new variables as appropriate, e.g.:

dat <- cbind(dat, srcs[c("state","code")][match(dat$Var1,srcs$Var1),] ) # Var1 var2 state code #1 01 A New York NYC #2 02 D Illinois ORD #3 03 E Texas DFW #4 04 K New Jersey EWR

This turns a whole bunch of if/ else statements into a single call, and avoids the need for ugly looping operations.


Another solution is to use ifelse (assuming that you have only four values for var1).

mydata$var3<- with (mydata, ifelse(var1 =="01", "New York" , ifelse (var1 == "02", "Illinois", ifelse (var1 == "03","Texas" ,"New Jersey" )))) mydata$var4<-with (mydata, ifelse (var1 =="01", "NYC", ifelse (var1 == "02","ORD", ifelse (var1 == "03", "DFW","EWR"))))


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