Sorting information from a file in python


I have a .txt file that has the following information in it that displays a users name and then 3 scores that they have scored in a quiz:

callum,10,7,9 carl,10,10,10 hollie,1,4,7 brad,4,8,3 kyle,7,2,0

I would like to sort it into alphabetical order displaying the users highest score after their name.


<ol><li>Read file content.</li> <li>Use readlines() method to read lines from file.</li> <li>Use split() to get Name and score.</li> <li>Add in dictionary: Name is Key and Value is total score.</li> <li>Get all keys from the result dictionary.</li> <li>User sort() method to sort list by alphabets.</li> <li>Print result by alphabets order.</li> </ol>


p = "/home/vivek/Desktop/test_input.txt" result = {} with open(p, "rb") as fp: for i in fp.readlines(): tmp = i.split(",") try: result[(tmp[0])] = eval(tmp[1]) + eval(tmp[2]) + eval(tmp[3]) except: pass alphabetical_name = result.keys() alphabetical_name.sort() for i in alphabetical_name: print "Name:%s, Highest score: %d"%(i, result[i])


$ python test.py Name:brad, Highest score: 15 Name:callum, Highest score: 26 Name:carl, Highest score: 30 Name:hollie, Highest score: 12 Name:kyle, Highest score: 9


So i would first of all isolate all the lines:

with open('filename') as f: lines = f.readlines()

So i will continue assuming I have a list called lines with the following content:

lines = ["callum,10,7,9","carl,10,10,10","hollie,1,4,7","brad,4,8,3","kyle,7,2,0"]

Then I will firstly sort the line by name

lines = sorted(lines)

Then for each line you want to isolate the marks, sort them and print them back:

for line in lines: #name is what there is before the first comma name = line[:line.find(",")] #marks are what there is after the second comma and are comma separated marks = line[line.find(",")+1:].split(",") #sort the marks marks = sorted(marks,key=int) #if you want to print only the highest print "%s,%s"%(name,marks[-1])


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