Update External Jar in Android Project


All, I have an external JAR that I'm adding to my Android project. However, as my jar is consistently updating and changing. When I update my JAR, I get the dalvik VM magic number error.

I don't understand how I'm supposed to fix this?

Here's the steps I've followed.

<strong>Adding The Jar Initially</strong>

<ol><li>Copy JAR to libs folder in my project</li> <li>Run project</li> </ol>

My JAR is picked up, installed everyone is happy.

<strong>Updating the Jar</strong>

<ol><li>In Eclipse, go to the jar in libs and right click -> delete.</li> <li>Copy my new jar (same name) into the libs folder.</li> <li>Receive bad class file magic error.</li> </ol>

<strong>My Troubleshooting So Far</strong>

<ol><li>In eclipse, Project -> Clean...</li> <li>Select my project, clean it.</li> <li>Run it. Same error... magic number</li> <li>Project Properties -> Java Build Path -> Remove Android Private Libraries</li> </ol>

Now the private libraries aren't being re-added. (Which equates to missing imports in my Java project) Why is this a nightmare? Any suggestions?


Turns out that my issue was caused by the multiple JDK's I had. Android was defaulting to use JDK 1.7 while my console jar was using JDK 1.8


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