Unable to use methods from Domain Service class in WCF Ria?


I am trying to build an silverlight application which takes user first name, last name, pass, email address in text boxes and then add these to the database.

For this i am using WCF Ria Services.

Steps i have followed are :

Added ADO.NET Entity Data Model and then Domain Service class in my project (in web part).

Now i have got some predefined methods in my DomainService Class like Insert, Update methods. I know how to show data in DataGrid but its not what i want.

What i want is to customize all this for :

<strong>When user clicks the submit button then there should be method inside this like AddInfo(all parameters) which can add all the data to my sql server database {at present LocalHost}.</strong>

In simple words <em>accessing your database through custom methods to add data in sql server using WCF Ria Services</em>

I know it was very simple while working in .net forms and all. But how about Silverlight & WCF ria ?

Please Suggest.



In simple words accessing your database through custom methods to add data in sql server using WCF Ria Services


What you should do is write a custom method in server-side.

On server-side, you have a DomainService class that should inherit from <a href="http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff423019%28v=vs.91%29.aspx" rel="nofollow">LinqToEntitiesDomainService<TContext></a>.

Simply add a method in this class with the Invoke attribute, for example:

[Invoke] public void AddNewUser(string name, string firstName, int age) { // Put logic here to add the user to the DB }

The logic to add a user to the database is really simple, just create a new Entity, add it to the context and call context.SubmitChanges();

When you compile the client RIA Services project, the auto-generated proxy class that correspond to your DomainService will contain your new method, and you'll be able to call it using:

yourDomainContext ctx = new yourDomainContext(); ctx.AddNewUser("dsd", "ds", 42).Completed += (sender, e) => { // Called asynchronously when the job is done };


If you already have the Insert method on your Domain Service, you should be able to call from the client:

//add your new data to the context MyDomainServiceContext.Entity.Add(myEntity); //(where "Entity" is your entity Type) //send all the changes to the server MyDomainServiceContext.SubmitChanges();


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