Accessing a model from a controller in Ember


I have a pretty basic setup where I'm trying to format a date in my Controller. The problem is I can't access it in the formattedStart function below, whereas I CAN access it in the summaryRowAction handler. This is baffling me, because console.logging this in both places gives the same result. But for some reason inside of formattedStart, this.get('model.startDate') is undefined.

App.SummaryRowController = Ember.ObjectController.extend({ formattedStart: function(){ console.log(this.get('model.startDate');) return this.get('model.startDate'); }.property(), actions: { summaryRowAction: function(){ console.log(this.get('model.startDate')); } } });

Here is my model and my template (in Jade) for reference:

App.PricingSummary = DS.Model.extend({ startDate: DS.attr(), endDate: DS.attr(), days: DS.hasMany('day', {async: true}), property: DS.belongsTo('property', {async: true}) }); script(type="text/x-handlebars", data-template-name="summaryRow") .summaries__summary("{{action 'summaryRowAction'}}") .summaries__summary--item{{formattedStart}} — {{endDate}}


It's because the first (and only) time that the property is evaluated, model is actually null. You need to specify startDate as a dependency in the property so Ember knows to re-evaluate when the data changes. Also, you don't need model.* in an object controller, the properties are automatically delegated to content/model


formattedStart: function(){ console.log(this.get('startDate');) return this.get('startDate'); }.property('startDate'),


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