Interceptor in Android


I have an Android app, which require to check authentication token every time perform action to call a web service, therefore I had to included the checking code snippet in all activities. I would like to ask whether an interceptor exist in Android platform, if yes, please share the best practice to apply the interceptor to my code? Thanks.


Using run time reflection is not recommended for android, so you should not use any library which provides run time intercepting your HTTP request. You can write a simple HTTP request utility method and route all your HTTP requests through this method.

public static void makePostRequest(String url, Object body, Context context, AsyncHttpResponseHandler handler) { // here you can add your authentication token to header}


I saw that you want to avoid multiple authentication checking. So, think about creating a custom class which will check for authentication token, then in all your activities, extend that class. For example:

public abstract class MyActivity extends Activity { @Override protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState); // Your authentication code goes here } } public class MainActivity extends MyActivity { // Your concrete class }

This way, you can forget about putting authentication code everywhere.


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