netcat working on localhost but not from remote host


I have two machines (Machine1 & Machine2) on the same subnet. Machine1 has a tool installed that returns some data. for example if I run the following command, it returns some data.

printf "get:info\nend\n" | nc localhost 1234

However if do the same on Machine2, of course changing localhost to machine1, nothing happens. Any Idea what can be the problem?

printf "get:info\nend\n" | nc machine1 1234


After investigating alot I finally managed to find the reason why I was not able to communicate to the other machine on the specific port.

Iptables setting in my machine1 was not allowing machine1 to listen. I turned off of the iptables and everthing worked fine.

But its not a good idea to turn off the iptables. So for the next step I allowed port 1234 for machine1.

sudo iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 1234 -j ACCEPT

You can find more information about iptables on the link below:



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