How to display a default image when image source is a servlet?


In my JSP/ Servlet setup, for displaying user profile images I am directing the img tag to get the image from servlet by specifying servlet URL in src tag and then returning image in response from servlet.

Sevlet does below things upon receiving an image request,

<ol><li>It gets the image from database in BLOB format</li> <li>Prepares image from the byte[] and </li> <li>returns the image in response object with appropriate headers.</li> </ol>

My problem is since Signup page doesn't has image upload option so new users don't have their image in database i.e. so the BLOB is NULL. <strong>How can I display a default image for all such users ?</strong>

<strong>EDIT</strong> Based on comments received I just wanted to note that. I am aware of the solutions where we set the default value either in database (while creating the user) or return the default image array when there is NULL in database. <strong>I am already using the later case.</strong> By this question I just wanted to discuss about <strong>any other possible solutions</strong>.


One option could be to return HTTP error 404 "Not found" when the user don't have an image. It seems quite logical to me, since there really is no image for the user.

public void doGet(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) { response.sendError(HttpServletResponse.SC_NOT_FOUND); }

Then in your HTML you can handle this case using the <a href="http://www.w3schools.com/jsref/event_onerror.asp" rel="nofollow">onerror Event</a> to set the default image:

<img src="servletUrl" onerror="this.src='default.png'" width="150" height="150" />

In this way the servlet only sends user images and does not do any special logic if the user doesn't have one.


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