Datagrid column IsReadOnly property not working in Silverlight 4?


I'm currently working on a DataGrid which in some conditions should disable or enable particular columns by changing IsReadOnly to true and vice versa. I attached to CurrentCellChanged and CellEditEnded events in which I change the column IsReadOnly property. I expect the application to disable / enable edit on that column. Even though the column has IsReadOnly set to true sometimes it does allow edits. I've also tried to call CancelEdit(); on a grid but that didn't make any effect either. If you request I can post code but I'm pretty sure the logic is fine, I checked it like thousands of times in debug ;). The entire idea is nothing more than changing IsReadOnly of particular column in event. Any idea what why it's not working as I expect?

<strong>Edit1.</strong> Code added.

private void SrfDataGrid_CurrentCellChanged(object sender, EventArgs e) { CellCoordinates cellCoordinates = this.GetEditedCellCoordinates(); if (!this.LockDataGridCell(cellCoordinates)) { if (!Keyboard.Modifiers.HasFlag(ModifierKeys.Control) && !Keyboard.Modifiers.HasFlag(ModifierKeys.Shift)) this.srfDataGrid.BeginEdit(); } else { this.srfDataGrid.CancelEdit(); } } private void SrfDataGrid_CellEditEnded(object sender, DataGridCellEditEndedEventArgs e) { CellCoordinates cellCoordinates = this.GetEditedCellCoordinates(); this.SetCellsRowInfluence(cellCoordinates); this.UnlockDataGridCell(cellCoordinates); } public bool LockDataGridCell(CellCoordinates cellCoordinates) { bool result = false; if (cellCoordinates != null) { DataGridColumn currentColumn = this.srfDataGrid.CurrentColumn; if (this.spreadSheetCellState[cellCoordinates.ColumnName, cellCoordinates.RowID].Equals(CurrentCellState.WRITE)) { currentColumn.IsReadOnly = false; } else { currentColumn.IsReadOnly = true; } result = currentColumn.IsReadOnly; } return result; } public void UnlockDataGridCell(CellCoordinates cellCoordinates) { if (cellCoordinates != null) { DataGridColumn currentColumn = this.srfDataGrid.CurrentColumn; if (this.spreadSheetCellState[cellCoordinates.ColumnName, cellCoordinates.RowID].Equals(CurrentCellState.ALWAYS_READ_ONLY)) { currentColumn.IsReadOnly = true; } else { currentColumn.IsReadOnly = false; } } }


Try this:

foreach (DataGridColumn col in dataGrid1.Columns) { if (col.GetType() == typeof(DataGridTextColumn)) { col.IsReadOnly = true; } else { col.IsReadOnly = false; } }


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