Query Display Error


I'm getting an error while mounting and displaying this query.

var itens = _context.ContasReceber .Include(x => x.Pessoas) .Include(x => x.PlanosServicos) .Select(c => new { Identificador = c.Pessoas.NIdentificador, NomePessoa = c.Pessoas.Nome, c.Observacao, c.Vencimento, c.Valor, c.Quitado, c.DataPagamento, c.ValorPago }) .ToList(); ViewData["Contas"] = itens;


@foreach (var item in ViewBag.Contas) { <tr> <th> @item.Identificador </th> <th> @item.NomePessoa </th> <th> @item.Observacao </th> <th> @item.Vencimento </th> <th> @item.Quitado </th> <th> @item.DataPagamento </th> <th> @item.ValorPago </th> </tr> }

The error is:

An unhandled exception occurred while processing the request. RuntimeBinderException: 'object' does not contain a definition for 'Identificador' CallSite.Target(Closure , CallSite , object )


In razor pages PageModel, you could use ViewModel to return custom data. Here is a simplified version of the demo.

In cshtml.cs:

public class ContasViewModel { public string Identificador { get; set; } public string NomePessoa { get; set; } public string Observacao { get; set; } } public IList<ContasViewModel> Contas { get; set; } public async Task OnGetAsync() { Contas = await _context.ContasReceber .Include(x => x.Pessoas) .Include(x => x.PlanosServicos) .Select(c => new ContasViewModel { Identificador = c.Pessoas.NIdentificador, NomePessoa = c.Pessoas.Nome, Observacao= c.Observacao }).ToListAsync(); }

In cshtml:

@foreach (var item in Model.Contas) { <tr> <th> @item.Identificador </th> <th> @item.NomePessoa </th> <th> @item.Observacao </th> </tr> }


When iterating over your items foreach (var item in ViewBag.Contas), the type of item is Object. Object has no properties by default. Since you are using an anonymous type, you can change your foreach to foreach (dynamic item in ViewBag.Contas) which will allow you to reference its properties as it will treat item as a dynamic object similar to ViewBag.


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